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Daughter of :– Franz Joseph Zimmer and Ernstine Schremmer

  • Born:– Nieider Faulbrueck Germany
  • Year:– 1832?

The church and stream at Faulbrueck
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Eldist of 13 Children:–

  • Maria, Johanna, Franz, Wilhelm, Johanna, Anton, Dominicus, Ernstine, Anna, Johann, Ermunde, Joseph,

Married :–

  • Carl Joseph August Stolz
  • Year:– 1877
  • Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany ?

2 Children:–

  • Karl August Jnr. Stolz
  • Year:–1853
  • Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany
  • August Carl Stolz
  • Year:– 1860
  • Reichenbach Silesia Germany


Statically:– There has to be other children from this marriage whose records so far we have been unable to uncover.

We have also to date been unable to find Anna’s death Certificate.

Does any of this sound familiar to YOU?????