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Son of;–

Joseph Stolz and Theresa Langhammer

Neider Faulbrueck Germany as our Ancestors knew it
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  • Rothwasser Moravia
  • Year:– 1797


  • Unknown
  • Year:– Unknown


  • Johanna Rosina Klingberg
  • Nieder Faulbrueck Germany
  • Year:– 1824

A typical street in Faulbrueck during our ancestors days
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3 Children

Carl Joseph August Stolz

  • Year:–1827
  • Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany

Carl August Reinhold Stolz

  • Year:– 1833
  • Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany

Eduard Joseph Stolz

  • Year:– 1940?
  • Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany


Statically:– There has to be other children from this marriage whose records so far we have been unable to uncover.

Carl August Reinhold Stolz

  • Married:–Maria Rosina Schenk
  • Year:–1860
  • Place:– Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany

This couple appear to have vanished off the face of the Earth but we know their decendants are out there somewhere?????

Eduard Joseph Stolz

  • Married:–Auguste Caroline Haase ( Foster Daughter of Carl Krebs )
  • Year:– 1865
  • Place:– Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany

We have been unable to find any record of children born between 1865 and 1873 then we have 8 Children born all in Nieder Faulbrueck Silesia Germany between 1874 and 1887 including one set of Twins

  • Agusta Emma Stolz
  • Year:–1876
  • Died:– 1877
  • Auguste Matha Stolz
  • Year:– 1876
  • Died:– Unknown

Does any of this sound familiar to YOU?????

Postcard of Early Neider Faulbrueck
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The old church and grave yard in Neider Faulbrueck (Click to enlarge)

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