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In every conceivable manner, the family is our link to our past,
and the bridge to our future — Alex Haley

This website is dedicated to the memory of Our Parents who taught us the value of Family and inspired in us the desire to share our wonderful Family History and search for missing Relatives Worldwide.

Also a very special thank you to Hec and Allie Stolz our Uncle and Auntie without who’s help and assistance this project would not have been possible

Now for those of you like us who have never had a chance to visit your Ancestors homeland
In our case German Silesia which in modern day has become part of Poland ) Please Enjoy

Brick Walls

Anyone who has ever done Family Research would be well aware of the saying about running into a Brick Wall.

The brick walls in genealogy at times seem impermeable . At times our ancestors seemed like aliens who only beamed back down at immigration time.

Where are their birth, marriage and death certificates? And why can’t they be written in English so that we can understand them??? Why can’t we find their names on the films ordered all the way from Salt Lake City through the LDS (Church of the Latter Day Saints).

The joy of discovering another researcher on the Internet who says they have a STOLZ or ZIMMER or KLINGBERG or KIRCHNER in their Family Tree only to find that their e-mail address is no long current.

The anticipation of e-mailing a long list of people registered on a Mailing List only to have all hope dashed as reply after reply comes in with the message “Sorry. No connection.”

The leads that come in, offer so much promise, and then lead to a dead end – a cry creek bed.

Yes, we have faced that brick wall so many times that it has become so familiar to us.

We have checked every original document in existence (that we know of anyway) and have come to a stand still in research, because we just can’t go back any further to document our theories.

However, we have persevered and are proud to say that even though we have not found all the answers we have made heaps of progress but are still waiting for the e-mail or phone call that says Hi were related

Our main areas of family history research are the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland followed by immigration to the USA and UK where we believe other members of the family migrated.

It is hoped that through stolzworldwide.com we will not only meet our lost Relatives but help other to find theirs also.

Good Luck and Happy Researching

Shirley Stolz

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